Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00
October 5, 2022

Hello Parents,

For the past few weeks, we have been in our series, "What is a Disciple?” We have considered that Jesus came and died for our sins and that with His forgiveness comes a new identity. Understanding this gift is one thing; living it out is another. This week, we will build on these initial blocks that have been laid. We will consider the value of knowledge and how we need to learn to move head knowledge to heart knowledge. Head knowledge is all the things we read and know about God. Many of us have a firm grasp on scripture and what it means. But if what we know in our mind isn't translated into how we live… there is a problem. We can read the Bible daily, pray for our friends, go to youth group and church – knowing everything there is to know and not be saved. It's a frightening reality. Some know about God, attend church, and "Do" everything that a good Christian does, and do not have a personal relationship with Jesus; they do not trust Him as Lord. This is where heart knowledge comes into play. Heart knowledge receives for ourselves what the Bible teaches. It seeks God's forgiveness and tries to emulate Jesus. Not as an outward doing as a Christian should, but instead because of a heart that has humbly accepted Christ to lead it, mold it, transform it – no matter how painful the process. Heart knowledge is coachable, seeks to be prompted by the Holy Spirit, and understands that biblical knowledge is only valuable for the one willing to submit and obey, responding in humility and grace to the only king who is worthy.


  1. What is the difference in knowing about God and knowing God?
  2. Have you seen God working in your life? Explain. 


Student Lead Team Meeting – Starting Sunday, September 18, we will have a Student Lead Team Meeting for 8 consecutive weeks. If your student is on the Student Lead Team, we want to ask that they do their best to be there by 8:30 am and to have their chapter complete, book and Bible in hand. We are working through a devotional book titled “I Am A Disciple.” This book is designed to help students learn what discipleship looks like as well as how to interpret scripture, and have regular quality time with God. These chapters and meetings will prime the pump for students to help lead their small groups on Wednesday nights (Alongside their adult leader).

Jr. High Fall Fest @ Lake Lundgren – This year we are attending a fall camp with our Jr. High students. We are very excited to get away from home for a few days and dive into God’s word. There will be lots of opportunity for students to be challenged in their faith, trained with the gospel, and molded to look more like Christ. There will also be lots of fun activities and typical camp experiences. We strongly encourage anyone who wants to go to sign up ASAP as we only have 18 total spots available and we expect them to fill up quick. The cost for camp is $85 per camper. We will leave Friday afternoon and return Sunday afternoon (October 21-23).


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Pastor Jordan & The Student Ministry Team