STUDY: You Were Made for This Moment by Max Lucado
DESCRIPTION: This study unpacks the Book of Esther and answers current questions that we may all have: “How can I reclaim my eternal identity as a citizen of Heaven in a current world that criticizes my worth as a believer in Jesus?”  “How can I find that True Hope in a God that I know can reverse outcomes but seems to react so slowly?”  “How can I develop courage and strength to go through challenging times in our current culture?”  “What is my role in today’s world?”  “How can I discover what my Spiritual Gifts are?” and many more… If you feel worn out and ill-equipped to weather your storm, find comfort that today’s crisis and confusion will be tomorrow’s conquest.  God’s way will triumph.  Are you ready to play a part in The Victory?

STUDY LEADER: LuAnn Lindquist
DAY/TIME: Wednesdays at 1-2:30pm
LOCATION: LuAnn's home in Rapid River