logos 10-27-21

John 4 The Woman at the Well

It is a significant thing to be interrupted by God. To consider the fact that the God of all creation, who sustains and works in all the world, would give me a second thought. Not only that, but to take the time and effort to interrupt my distracted self -  God does this - Often. He sees that we are distracted by this world. We get lost seeking money, more followers on Tik-Tok, greater popularity, or attention from others. We can get pulled in so many directions, and while being pulled, we often lose sight of what is most important. God is the King of kings and Lord of lords. He has created everything in known existence by speaking. He is the all-powerful God, having more power in His breath than all humanity does with all their strength. He is greater than angels and demons; greater than Satan. There is no one like God; He is the greatest. He should be at the center of our focus. In everything we do, God should be part of our reason for doing it. He is worthy of a life that is lived to worship Him. Yet in all His grandeur, His splendor, power, and majesty, we still forget about Him. We still get lost and distracted by meaningless pursuits in this world. But God does not leave us in a state of distraction. Once we get distracted, once we have gone off course enough, or when God wants our attention in a new way, He interrupts our life.

These interruptions come in all shapes, sizes, and creative power. God knows how to get our attention. We see it all through the Bible. He calls to Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He speaks to Moses from a burning bush. He uses crows to feed Elijah while he is lost in the wilderness. He shows Habakkuk everything He is going to do to Israel to purify them.  He uses Nathan to confront David after he committed a great sin. He healed the blind man in the temple. He raised Jairus's Daughter from the dead. The list goes on and on and on. None of these people expected or anticipated that God would interrupt their lives the way that He did. Daniel never thought he would be thrown in the lion's den, yet God interrupted his life to change the course of Babylonian history. 

God interrupts. The question is, "are you paying attention?" These interruptions come in smaller and more significant ways as well. It could be a minor injury, a significant injury, or perhaps sickness or loss of a loved one. God uses everything we experience in life to get our attention. To call us to Himself and to ask more of us than before. He wants to draw us into a deeper relationship with Himself. It doesn't matter if you are running towards or away from God; he can interrupt your life in a way that can draw you closer to Him. When interruptions come your way, it is often easy to get down on yourself. Instead, ask, "What does God want to teach me?” and “How might God use me in this time to reach others?” 

Action Step: 

  1. Consider some ways in which you get easily distracted (how much time do you spend on social media, trying to make money, do you value a good grade above a good relationship with God...).
  2. Pray and ask God to be the center focus of your life. Ask Him to help you stay focused on what you should be focused on.