1 To 3

Jordan Pardee – April 14, 2021

Scripture: Colossians 1:6 “This same Good News that came to you is going out all over the world. It is bearing fruit everywhere by changing lives, just as it changed your lives from the day you first heard and understood the truth about God’s wonderful grace.”

From the beginning of this school year, we have asked you to be a part of something bigger; to look beyond your own life and to consider the community around. Looking for areas of strength to encourage and areas of weakness to bring change or to strengthen. You have been asked to consider being an agent of change in your context; for the purpose of pointing other people towards God. For many, this has meant doing a lot of small things; things that may seem so small they don’t matter. But if we are consistent in praying for those three people; if we are consistent in trying to do small things to point out the truth of the Bible and to live out the call of the gospel, those small things may be much larger than we think. Our hope, our goal, is to have significant influence on those around us. To learn how to bring God into the conversation.

I pray that you have grown in many ways this year. I pray that you have made strides towards other people with the purpose of bringing a gospel influence. It is interesting to watch growth patterns as a believer. I know it is true for my life and for many other believers; that God has not grown in me, developed me, matured me at a rapid pace. It has taken time, multiple experiences, and consistently seeking after Him for me to grow. But as I look back at the last month, I see His hand at work in my life. As I look back at the last year, I see greater measures of growth. As I look at the last five years, I praise God that He helped me grow up. The further back I go, the more significant God’s work is demonstrated in my life. While I did plan to grow, mature, and change, I didn’t know how God would grow me. This experience is unique to followers of God; those who have put their trust and faith in Him. Not only do we see growth in our lives but we also see God’s faithfulness; the ways that He has helped, healed, and used us. Sometimes, we are arrogant enough to believe we are in a good spot; that God has worked in me a lot and now I am not even sure how He could challenge me or help me grow more. Yet, if we seek Him, if we submit to Him, sure enough we will one day look back and think, “How foolish was I?” What you will find in this life, as a believer, is that God is never done helping you grow and mature to be more like Jesus. 

This is the same type of work that we desire to see in others; that God would capture their attention, they would submit to Him, and He would grow and mature them. That as time goes forward, they too can look back at their life and see the power of God in their life. When we talk about 1 to 3, we are saying you are 1 person. Who are three people in your life that need Jesus? People that you can pray for; that you can have intentional conversations with about God, that you can model kindness and patience with on a regular basis? Who can you influence for God??? We should not want to pursue them because we want them to believe what we believe. We should not pursue them because “we are supposed to.” We should not pursue them because we want our church to grow; these are all wrong and sinful in their own way. Instead, we should pursue them because we love God and we know that God loves them. That God desires to walk in relationship with them as He does with us. We should pursue them because we care about them enough to let them know that both heaven and hell are a real place. We should tell them because it is the best decision, they can make in all of their life. We all need Jesus. We all need to be surrendered to Him. We all need to tell the world because we care about their well-being and because we want to see them grow as we have seen ourselves grow by the mercy of God’s work in our life. 

Don’t forget to pray. 

Don’t forget to serve and love people.

Don’t forget how badly they need to know the truth and accept the truth. 

Don’t forget to be intentional about how you interact with the people around you.


Get a piece of paper and write your responses down. 

  1. Take some time to write down the ways you have seen God at work in your life in the last week, month, year, and 3 years.                                                             a.  Thank God and praise Him for His faithfulness to you in these ways. 
  2. Pray for your three. The three people that God has laid on your heart; 3 people who don’t know Him or are not walking with Him. Pray for God to do a work in them. 
  3. Keep praying.