february 1, 2021

This is a daily devotional, designed to help you further think about The Calling that God has put on your life. We are using lines from the God’s Chisel skit, performed by the skit guys. Then we are looking at scripture that helps us further dig into how we can surrender greater control of our lives to the Lord. 

February 1, 2021

 God’s Chisel Phrase: “Through my Holy Spirit, I am going to bring up things in your life I want you to work on.”

Scripture: Romans 8

This chapter is one of the most beautiful, inspiring passages in all the Bible. For those of us who live after the death and resurrection of Jesus from the dead, it reminds us of how God is at work in the world, how He is at work within us, and how there is hope for a far better future. The clear emphasis in this chapter is the Holy Spirit, who is mentioned 19 times in this chapter. 

Read Romans 8:1-4 – No condemnation. 

One of the many realities of life is that we are all sinful. We all do wrong, we all break the law, and all of humanity has done this ever since Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the tree in the Garden of Eden and God had asked them not to touch it. This means for thousands of years mankind has experienced a devastating enslavement to wickedness. Sure there are “good” people in the world, at least by mans standards, but by God’s we are all sinful wretches that deserve to die and go to hell for all eternity because of our sinful rebellion against Him. It sounds harsh, but the reality is we have committed treason, we haven’t done it just once or twice but daily. Anytime we sin, we rebel against God. So what do we do? We are unable to save ourselves, we are unable to save each other. And when we have to stand in God’s court, we will not come close to measure up to the law, we will be found guilty on almost every level. 

This is the consequence of sin; this is what changed; what shifted the moment that Adam and Eve ate that fruit. As a result, there was condemnation under the law. And someone had to pay the price of sin. Unfortunately, the price of sin is death (Romans 3:23). But God allowed for a substitute. Instead, people were allowed to make animal sacrifices. The animal that was killed was killed because of this sin(s) of those who killed it. The animal unfairly took the punishment so that the person could be made right with God. This is what Jesus did for us. By dying on the cross, taking the punishment that we deserved, being beaten, humiliated, and murdered for your sin and for mine. But He also rose from the grave (Matthew 26-28). In this He created a way for us to be made right without anymore animal sacrifices. Instead, He was the sacrifice. Now we learn that if we choose to put our faith in trust in Him there is some really good news. First of all, you no longer have to measure up to the law in God’s court. Instead, Jesus has already taken the punishment that you deserve and there is no need for God to give you the punishment you deserve because the debt of the believer’s law-breaking sin has been paid in full (Romans 8:3). Not only that, but when you enter into a relationship with Jesus, He gives you the Holy Spirit to guide and lead you (1 Corinthians 6:19-20). So when we read Romans 8:1-4 we see there is a lot of important history to these simple words “So now there is no condemnation for those who belong to Christ Jesus.” This is more fully explained to us in verse two when we see that sin no longer owns us. We are no longer slaves to sin but instead are freed by the Holy Spirit who lives in us. 

Take a look at verse 4: “He did this so that the just requirement of the law would be fully satisfied for us, who no longer follow our sinful nature but instead follow the Spirit.” This is a monumental shift. We need to stop and allow for this to sink in to the depths of our being. We were completely lost, unable to escape sin, as if we were locked away in prison waiting to stand trial before God with what we know for certain will be a death sentence. But God, in His mercy, in His love, and in His grace sent Jesus to open the door and let us free. But we have to choose Jesus (John 14:6). If we don’t, we will remain in our cell until we stand trial before God. But if we choose Him, He opens the door, having paid the price on our behalf and moves us to a new ownership. We move from slave of sin to child of God. From decisions that are lead by our sin to being led by the Holy Spirit. From hell to heaven for all eternity. We have a new position all together, defined by a new set of standards. 

Now we are still going to fall short, we are still going to sin in this life because we still have a sinful nature. But what the Holy Spirit does is teach us how to be Godly. How to naturally no longer desire sin but rather naturally desire the things of God. But we have to lean into the Holy Spirit’s leading. We have to surrender control to Him daily. Because we all have blind spots, areas of sin that we are unaware of in our life. Because we naturally live for self and turn back to sin. If we don’t make the effort to surrender daily, we have to seriously ask who we are living for? Am I living life my way? Am I living life God’s way? This is not a call to try to be good and appear before others as a more moral or ethical individual. This is a call to surrender. To genuinely seek to be led by the Holy Spirit every single day. To allow Him to do the transformative work. To change from the inside out, instead of the silly charade of the outside in. God wants your heart, not your goodness. He wants to take it, shape it, and mold it into the image of His son. 

So, the question becomes are you ready? Are you willing? 

Challenge: Commit to waking up every morning and start with a prayer of invitation to the Holy Spirit. To lead, guide, direct, and mold you today. Don’t worry about tomorrow, don’t worry about where you will be in a month. Pray that today, He would help your surrender to Him. Then pay attention. Practice being sensitive to what the Holy Spirit is prompting you to do. 

I encourage you to read the rest of Romans 8. It is a great chapter that we as believers should all take time to not just know, but to reflect and understand the significance of this chapter.