Parent Newsletter

March 9, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

We are so thankful for your partnership and help in our Clothing Ukraine mission. Our Sunday service was canceled this week due to icy roads, so we have extended our mission by an additional week. Please be in prayer that everything that has been committed would be turned in by this coming Sunday so that we can send it out as quickly as possible. We know that the Orphanage has reached the border and we are hoping to get an address from them by next week. If all of this works out, God will have provided in a significant way. These kids will be far from the orphanage with little supplies and we will be able to help them restock and have some additional clothing. Please pray that God opens the door for us to send these supplies and at the appropriate time.

Section Title

Over the past several weeks we have been in a series on prayer. We have had a slight change of plans and will be wrapping up the series next week. This week, we will be studying from Colossians 1:13-23. This is a powerful passage that speaks directly to the preeminence of Christ. Helping us understand that there is no one who is greater, Who has more authority, or Who has given us such a gift. In this passage we see that we were “hostile” towards God and yet Jesus, Who has all authority, died that we might be saved. It is so significant to our faith and how we understand the love of God. Again, our students will go to their small group time and practice applying the A.C.T.S. Prayer to this passage. It is our desire that they would see the supremacy of Jesus and how that affects our understanding Him and what He has done. It should also impact the way that we pray and the reasons for prayer. There is a lot to learn here and this passage is a big deal. Not only that but through this practice we are continuing to help students work on their ability to study scripture for themselves. 

Take Action

1. We always want to continue to remind you to spend quality time in prayer with your student(s). It is never too late to start and it may be the most important practice you have institute as a parent. Through times of prayer, you will be able to teach and communicate/demonstrate love in a very significant way. If you don’t know where to start, maybe ask your student(s) to show you how to use the A.C.T.S. Prayer and how to apply it to Colossians 1:13-23. It will help them regurgitate what they have learned and get you involved. Even if you have been doing this, it is still a great practice for you to go over this passage with them. Don’t feel like you have to have the answers, just ask questions and help them refine their skills. You might even be surprised what they are able to teach you!!!

Let's Go Bowling!

On Wednesday, March 23 we will be taking the Youth bowling in place of Youth Group. This is something we do each year and it has been a lot of fun to connect with students in this way. Jr. High will be at the Bowl A Rama from 6:15-7:15, if anyone needs a ride from Gladstone, the church vans will leave the church parking lot at 6:00 pm and returning at 7:30 pm. Sr. High will be at the bowling ally from 7:30-9:00 pm, Church vans will leave the church at 7:15 and return at 9:15 pm. The cost is $9 per person (If anyone needs assistance, we will foot the bill), it includes bowling, pizza, and pop. We do ask that students bring exact change to pay for bowling. If anyone brings a first-time friend, the friend comes free!!!