Parent Newsletter

March 2, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

We are so thankful for your partnership and help in our Clothing Ukraine mission. We believe that God brought this mission before us at just the right time! This past Sunday we were able to surpass our goal in box’s and giving. Our goal was 40 boxes for clothing; 50 were taken and several people have committed to bring their own after we ran out. Our needed total for shipping was $2,500 for 50 boxes; our committed giving is $3,750!!! This has been very encouraging for our students to watch people come around this orphanage in partnership together. We are so thankful that the surplus committed giving will allow for us to address some additional needs for the orphanage. We want to say thank you to you as you have supported and encouraged our students to take action in partnership. We are very grateful for you!

Section Title

Over the past several weeks we have been in a series on prayer. We will be wrapping up our series next week. In two weeks will begin a series on relationships (more info to come). This week, we are going to ask students to get together in their small groups to practice everything they have been learning about applying the A.C.T.S. Prayer to scripture. They will be given a passage to work through as a group and then we will all come back together to see what they have found and what they have prayed. We will then collectively work together as a large group to combine everything that was learned in this time of study and prayer. The passage they will be looking at is Matthew 26:36-46. This is when Jesus was in the Garden of Gethsemane praying before being betrayed by Judas. In this set of verses, we see Jesus in prayer. There is much to learn about Jesus, the disciples, and prayer in this passage. Pray that God will guide our students in their conversations! 

Take Action

1. We always want to continue to remind you to spend quality time in prayer with your student(s). It is never too late to start and it may be the most important practice you have institute as a parent. Through times of prayer, you will be able to teach and communicate/demonstrate love in a very significant way. If you don’t know where to start, maybe ask your student(s) to show you how to use the A.C.T.S. Prayer and how to apply it to scripture. It will help them regurgitate what they have learned and get you involved. 

2. Just a reminder that if your student(s) took a box last Wednesday or made a commitment to pay for shipping that we would like to collect that Wednesday night. If you are not prepared yet, we can also collect on Sunday. However, if we are able to collect what students committed too on Wednesday it will help limit some volume this coming Sunday.