Parent Newsletter

February 9, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

We are excited to get back into the Word this week with the students! Last week, we learned how to begin using scripture in the format of the ACTS prayer. Our aim is that when we pray, we have “Spirit led, Scripture fed prayer” (Daniel Henderson). Using the ACTS format, we emphasize the principles that Jesus teaches in the Lord’s prayer. As we look Scripture  through the lens of this format, students learn to exposit scripture for themselves. We believe this to be a key piece to discipleship that builds students who can read and interpret the Word correctly, while turning and praising God for what His Word teaches. 

Section Title

Our original plan was to move on from the prayer series this week. However, after seeing the engagement and need for more practice, we have decided to extend this series to help students refine this skill. This week, they will be taking a look at John 1:1-5 and John 3:16-18. In small group, they will consider prayer requests and pray for the requests along with praying these two passages back to God with the ACTS format. These are powerful passages of scripture that speak to the character and nature of God. I would encourage you to take some time to review them yourself. Take time to read them several times over and break it down. Ask questions about the verses. And when your student(s) come home, ask them what those verses really mean. Ask them to help break down those passages and see what they teach you about the gospel. 

Questions for your students

As a reminder, ACTS stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. These are the four modes of prayer we glean from Jesus’ teaching on the Lord’s prayer. We continue to encourage you to pray with your student(s) and to make a weekly or even daily practice of coming before the father to help establish a life of prayer in your student(s). 

  1. What are some keys to learn about God in John 1:1-5? 

           a. John 3:16-18?

  2. How do you think it is helpful to you to practice applying scripture to the ACTS prayer?