Parent Newsletter

February 23, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

Hello Parents, 

Last week, we introduced our students to the needs of Tima’s family and ministry with the orphanage in Ukraine. Our student leadership team has put together a plan of action to respond. Starting this week, we will be asking students to take a box home to fill with clothing. The clothing needs to be in good shape, with no holes, stains, or wear. Also, if socks and underwear are donated, they need to be new from the store. We will be sending more information home with any student who decides to take a box. By taking a box, they are committing to filling it and returning it to be shipped. We are also looking for people who are willing to help with shipping. Perhaps you have suitable clothing to donate, but you don't have finances or vice versa. We will have a sign-up sheet available where students can sign up for one of three options: 

1. Take a box home, fill it, return it next week, and give $50 for shipping. 

2. Take the box home, fill it and return it next week. 

3. Give $50 for shipping a box.


Our team is aware that we have students in different places who can contribute differently. Our goal is to ship 40 boxes of clothing, but we are providing 50, believing that God can surpass our goal through His church. This goal would likely be too lofty for just our student ministry to do on their own, so you will see them introduce all of this to the congregation on Sunday in the service. 

We are also asking all students to commit themselves to praying on behalf of students at the orphanage. On Wednesday (and Sunday Morning), we will be passing out cards with pictures, children's names, prayer points, and packing instructions. We know there is only so much we can do physically to help these children. We also know we serve a big God, and prayer is the most significant way to support this ministry. We want to encourage you to sit and pray over these children and Ukraine with your student(s). Help them see the value of praying on behalf of others and the importance for you personally to be involved. 

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This week, we will briefly consider the call of 1 Timothy 2:1-6. We are called to pray for all people. We need to understand that God wants all people to come to Him. Those who are sick, young, old, moral, and immoral; God wants everyone to enter into a personal relationship with Him and be forgiven. To have union with Him and be given the opportunity to live out His mission. Thus, we should pray. We should pray for Ukraine, we should pray for Russia, and we should pray for our neighbors, that God would reach them in a very personal way. Let's learn to pray for everyone. 

We believe this is an excellent opportunity to help our students think missionally and meet the immediate needs of people who are in a challenging situation. These types of mission projects can help teach students to look beyond themselves and their community to see the significant needs of the world. We aim to help them, love, serve, and give like Jesus. 

Take Action

1. Talk to your student(s) about how your family could partner to help this orphanage in Ukraine. 

2. Pray with your students for Ukraine, Russia, and the Child in the photo they bring home on Wednesday.