Parent Newsletter

February 2, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

I want to remind you that we have a weekly devotional that is meant for you and your students. The devotional is designed to help all of us spend more time thinking about what we are learning on Wednesdays. They take a little different approach and help us consider more implications to what we are teaching each week. Our hope is that it will help you as parents to be challenged and growing as well as give you more context for your conversations with your students. We believe in providing resources for parents to help influence their children spiritually. We believe that God gave you each of your children and that you are to be the primary spiritual influencers of your home. That can sound big and scary and even awkward. So we try to provide you with everything we are doing and a little more as a resource and weekly starting place for you to be investing in your student(s).  

Section Title

Two weeks ago we learned about the ACTS prayer. This is a prayer structure that we are going to continue to use with students going forward. It is designed to use the basic principles of the Lord’s prayer in an easy to remember, easy to use format for deeper prayer times with the Lord. This week, we are going to emphasis the importance of scripture fed prayer. That we shouldn’t come before God, day-after-day just praying about whatever comes to mind. But rather, we recognize the importance of being drawn in by dwelling on scripture and reflecting on the person of God. The deepest most meaningful times of prayer in my life have all come when a group of people carried out a biblical prayer of blessing, when I have meditated on scripture, or when I have seen God move in a powerful way. All of which help me to spend most of my prayer time focused on God. Scripture has a way of drawing us in and teaching us about the person of God. Of course, in order for that to happen, our focus would have to be on God when we read scripture (Check out the devotional for more clarification on this point). To help us see the importance of scripture fed prayer, we are going to be looking at David’s interaction with God in 2 Samuel 7. In this passage David is given courage by God to pray. It’s an interesting thought because we often pray so casually that we don’t consider why we would need courage to pray. But the Hebrew word used here,“Leb,” in 7:27 is best understood as God’s Word as what enabled David to “Find the heart” to pray this beautiful prayer back to God. God’s Word energizes and inspires praiseworthy prayers that come to God with a heart of thankfulness. Through them, we learn about the person of God, we find a natural avenue to genuine worship, and we are reminded of how God is at work. 

Questions for your students

Perhaps you didn’t follow through with this last week. If you did, awesome! If you didn’t that is okay. Either way, we want to encourage you to do the same thing again this week. Set aside some time with your student(s) to pray the A.C.T.S. prayer. We believe that you can not only help model it but also find it useful for your own life. Pray each of these passages back to God.

Adoration – Psalm 33:1-12  

Confession – Psalm 32:5-7  

Thanksgiving – 1 Chronicles 16:34-36

Supplication - Philippians 4:4-7

Bark River Bible Chapel Youth Group Sledding Event

The Bark River Bible Chapel Youth Group has invited us to go sledding with them at the Knauf camp. We will be going on February 5th, vans leaving at 1:45pm and returning at 5:15pm from the church. Please bring your own sled if you have one and invite a friend to join us. If you are driving yourself, please talk to Jordan to get directions. They do have a tow rope so that you don’t have to walk up the hill. This should be a great time to hang out with each other.