Parent Newsletter

February 16, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents,

Over the last week I have been in contact with two different missionary’s who are near the Russian boarder. One is in Estonia and is closely watching Russia. The other runs an orphanage in Ukraine, 20 miles from where much of the Russian forces are gathering. Both are trusting the Lord and His sovereignty, and both are on high alert. When speaking with the missionary in Ukraine (Tima, his wife Natasha, and their daughter Angelica), I asked if there were specific ways we could be praying or if there were ways, we could encourage the kids and staff at the orphanage. After some dialogue we decided the best route may be to create a video of our students telling everyone at the orphanage that we are praying, we love them, we care about what is happening, and we are going to send a gift. The biggest need is clothing. Thirty-three of the kids are ages 5-10 and four are 11-15 years old. Starting this Wednesday night, we are hoping to start a clothing drive to send over as much as we are able. If you have clothes you could donate, we do ask that it be in good condition. No holes, stains, or faded areas. Because we are inviting students to partner in mission, we would also ask that you involve your student(s) in picking out, washing, and packing any clothing that you may be able to donate. If you do not have clothing that would fit kids in those age ranges, another option would be if you or your student(s) would consider purchasing some clothing. Again, if you decide to shop at Goodwill or St. Vincent’s, please make sure the clothes are in good condition. There are also some needs for school supplies and things like soccer/basketballs and other game-oriented items that are small enough to ship. Again, we want to ask that if you donate these types of items that they be in good condition. Tima did want to emphasis that clothing is the number one need.  

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Our hope is that next week, we can pass out pictures and names of kids who are at the orphanage to our students (Waiting on Tima to send these to me). We want to ask that they commit to praying for these kids at the orphanage for the next several months. We will try to remind students, as well as give them new ways in which they can be praying. We will also hang the pictures of the kids at the orphanage in the youth room and pray for them as a group regularly. 

We believe this is a great opportunity to help our students be thinking missionally and meet immediate needs of people who are in a very difficult situation. These types of mission projects can help teach students to look beyond themselves and their community to see the significant needs of the world. Our aim is to help them love, serve, and give like Jesus. 

Questions for your students

1. When we think about prayer, how often are we praying for people around the world?

2. Do we have any missionary’s we know that we could pray for? 

3. Spend time praying for God’s protection in Ukraine and with the people at the orphanage.