Parent Newsletter

December 8, 2021

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents, 

This will be our final week on our series "Broken." I believe this has been an excellent series for us, and we are excited about how students have responded throughout the series. Next week is our White Elephant Christmas Party; we want to remind you to take a look at the details at the bottom of this letter. 

When broken, downcast, and swallowed by the pain and suffering of this world, it is easy to be hopeless. To feel like there isn't any hope at all. This week, we want to remind students that there is great hope, and one day everything that is out of balance will be made right. In the present, we will experience pain and hardship. We don't know how long it will last or how severe it will get. However, we know that God has promised to make us whole. To sanctify us by setting us apart as His very own. We know that He will make us whole and complete. We will no longer have to deal with the pain and suffering of this world. He is our great hope, and He has made us a significant promise. But the promise of heaven should not cause us to overlook somehow or negate the reality of pain and suffering. Instead, by looking at Jesus, we have hope for heaven, and it is also by Jesus that we can properly work through the pain of this life. Sometimes we get so focused on the promise of heaven that we forget to live and know what it means to live on earth. Pain is real. Suffering has lasting effects, and we experience hardships so profound we cannot articulate the pain. So this week, we are not looking to ignorantly say, "Just look at Jesus and His promise of heaven." Instead, we hope to meaningfully communicate, "Look at Jesus and what He has promised you in heaven AND how He has promised to be with you on earth." He is with you in your pain, and He is with you in your suffering. He is walking with you, strengthening and encouraging you. There will be days when we don't have the strength to get out of bed. When we feel life has beat us down in such a way that we have nothing left. Yet, the call is to turn to Jesus. To muster up what we have and to stand before Him lamenting and wrestling with the pain, allowing Him to work in us to make us whole and complete before Him. Jesus never promised this life would be perfect but that it would be hard. So the question becomes, "Do we have hope in Him to give us the strength we need no matter what we face?" or "Do we allow ourselves to reach a point where we no longer have hope?"


Questions for you to ask your students:

1.  What has God been saying to you in this series?

2.  What are three words to describe the hardship and pain you have experienced?

           a.  What does it mean to hand each of these over to God?

White Elephant Christmas party will be on december 15th

 We want to encourage everyone to bring a gag gift or one that is up to a $20 maximum. The party is for both Jr. and Sr. High from 6:00-9:00 pm. We ask that you bring your favorite Christmas treat to share. We are looking forward to a great night full of quality time. We ask that you help your students think of friends to invite to join us!

there will be no youth group on wednesday, december 22 or 29

 There will be No Youth Group on Wednesday, December 22 or 29, and we will resume again on Wednesday, January 5. We are praying for you and hope you have a wonderful Christmas blessed by the Lord!