Parent Newsletter

October 27, 2021

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents, 

We are so grateful for each of you and the ways that you invest in your children. We want to constantly remind you to set aside intentional time to spiritually invest in your student(s). We especially want to encourage you to pray with your student(s) for things that are on their hearts and minds, as well as praying for your student(s) friends. This is a powerful way for them to see you lifting them and their friends up to the Lord in prayer. Not only that, but as they grow more comfortable in prayer with you, they will likely learn to bring in more severe and more honest prayer requests. This will allow you to know your child in much more profound ways. But you have to be intentional about making it a safe space where they feel the freedom to share anything on their minds. 

This week we are looking at John 4, where Jesus interacts with the woman at the well. This is a compelling passage that, in essence, captures the gospel. Jesus, a Jew, goes directly through the heart of Samaria (something that Jews didn't do). He intentionally reached out to this Samaritan woman (2 things Jewish men didn't do. 1. Speak to a woman one-on-one 2. Approach a Samaritan). Through this conversation, He speaks to the innermost depths of her heart. He finds much pain and shame there, and she quickly retracts and deflects. Yet, Jesus finds a way to continue to speak straight to the heart of this woman.

All in all, she learns that He is the savior and goes and tells her entire town about Him. She was a social outcast—a woman of great sin with a terrible reputation. Yet, God used her to reach her community. It is incredible to think about who God uses to reach people for His kingdom. It is amazing to think about the fact that Jesus has gone so far out of His way on our behalf. This week we want to accomplish several goals with students. We want to remind them that they can be open and honest with Jesus. There is nothing they can share with Him that will surprise Him or upset Him. Yet, they can have freedom from the weight of their sin and shame. Not only that, but if they are willing to be used by God, they can participate in powerful movements for God's kingdom. We want to remind students of our 1 to 3 initiative. In the Spring, we challenged students to be praying for three people, praying that God would reach them and that our students could step into opportunities to share their faith with them. 

We believe that God has placed students in a remarkable position to do ministry. But if they want to do ministry, they need to be paying attention to their spiritual health. So with the call of turning and repenting from sin, we also want to remind of the call to go and make disciples. To go and talk to the people you have chosen to pray over. Parents, would you help us encourage students that God doesn't want them to wait until they are in college or an adult to step out in faith? God has used teenagers throughout history in powerful ways. He wants to use our students as well. But we need to encourage them. We need to help them be bold in their faith. We need to spend time in prayer with them for their friends. We have an opportunity to develop a generation that seeks to reach the people around them. Will you join us in building up students this way? 

Questions for you to ask your students:

  1. Who are the three people you have been praying for? 
    • How often do you pray for them? 
    • How have you tried to reach them? Plant seeds? Serve them? 
  2. How can I pray for your friends?