Parent Newsletter

October 13, 2021

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

Hello Parents, 

Praying for each of you and your families, that God will greatly enrich your faith and draw you nearer to Him! In the past few weeks, we have been in our series on the gospel of John titled “Logos.” In this series we want to take a hard look at who Jesus is and what He stands for throughout His time on earth. We want to invite you into praying with us that our students would be drawn in by the Holy Spirit and that they would take great strides in their relationship with the Lord. Hayes Corn Maze is next week, so please take a look at the details below for registration. 

This week we are covering John 3:1-21. This is the first time that Jesus takes time to sit and teach and does so with a man who has been formally trained and currently vocationally working as a priest in Israel. It is here, that Jesus lays out the gospel and explains His purpose in coming. His purpose in living in the world. The stage is set for Him to answer Nicodemus this way because it was Nicodemus that approached Jesus, called Him teacher, and proclaimed that he knows Jesus must be from God. Nicodemus comes into the conversation wanting to hear and learn from Jesus. And the first thing Jesus says to him, implies that Nicodemus is not saved. A priest of Israel…. who has made sacrifices on the behalf of others in the temple… has formal training in the scriptures…. has taught and proclaimed the word of God… yet does not know God. Has not walked in relationship with Him by inviting Jesus in to be Lord of his life, turning from and confessing sin. Jesus is clear that His purpose is to save the world from sin. He has not come to condemn, belittle, or conquer. He has come, that we may see. 

We have a heavy focus on the overarching picture of the gospel. The 10,000 foot view is why God came as a man and how He would save them from sin. This is significant to our knowledge and understanding of God. That He in heaven would step off His throne, lower Himself and become man, to live a perfect life, teach about the kingdom and then suffer and die by the hands of those He came to save. This is the gospel. That Jesus came so that whoever puts their faith and trust in Him would be saved. But we still have to ask the question “why?” Why did He do all of this for a people He does not need? Because of His great love for us that goes far beyond what we are able to understand (John 3:16).

Questions for you to ask your students:

  1. What was Jesus’ purpose in coming into the world as a man?
  2. Why would He allow Himself to be beaten and killed by the same people He came to save?
  3. How can we become born again? 


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Looking Forward:


 Hayes Corn Maze – October 20, 5:30-9:00 pm. Cost is $10 per person, we ask that students bring exact change. They also will have concessions open if students want to bring a couple extra bucks. This is a great connecting time with students and each year we are able to build special memories as we come together for fun, food, and challenges. It is these types of memories that give us the opportunity to further invest in deep relationships with students which we believe to be a critical piece to making disciples.