Parent Newsletter

January 5, 2022

Jr. High 6:00-7:30 (Gym Opens at 5:45) - Sr. High 7:00-9:00

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Hello Parents, 

We are so excited to get back to Youth Group after our Christmas break! We have some big plans as we are diving into 2022 with an emphasis on prayer. We have encouraged prayer throughout the fall, giving away different prayer books and challenging students to grow in their prayer life. Now we plan to give greater focus to prayer as we give it more time and attention on a weekly basis. This week we will learn from Psalm 1 about prayer, challenge students to spend time in prayer daily, send out prayer prompts each day of the week, and come back together next Wednesday for a prayer and worship night. 

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The book of Psalms is also known as a book of songs, not just any songs, but a specific form of song. Songs that are meant to reveal something greater, point to a greater power, bring the perspective of life into focus, and free the one who is willing to sing the song. These are songs in the form of prayer. A book of the Bible that in one sense is dedicated to prayer. Yet the first chapter is not a prayer. We are not ready to simply start praying, but rather need a little understanding and instruction. Tonight, we will be looking at this first chapter to help us understand some key truths about prayer. Firstly, there are two paths to choose from in life; the life of the faithful or the faithless. Each with significant implications. One key to the faithful is meditation. A person who meditates on God’s law and God’s word is the best in prayer. They ask questions about the law, about the person of God, and His promises. They wrestle with it on deeper inner levels that drive them to greater intimacy with the Lord. It allows them to have meaningful time in prayer that is not known by those who do not meditate on the Lord and His ways. We can do this by memorizing scripture, coming back to it day after day. Trying to think about it from different angles and asking God to help us understand. This week we want to challenge students to pick a verse to memorize this week. They have been challenged last semester to memorize John 1:1-5 and John 3:16-18. If they haven’t memorized these yet, we will challenge them to pick one. If they are not sure where to start and have memorized these two verses we will recommend Hebrews 1:1-4.

Questions for your students: 

1. Do you have a meaningful prayer life? 

2. What are some goals you could make to grow in your prayer life? 

3. What scripture will you memorize this week to help you in prayer? 

PRaise and Worship Night - January 12

Please note that for the upcoming Praise and Worship night, we will be combining Junior and Senior High students from 6:30pm - 8:30pm! Join us Wednesday, January 12th at 6:30pm for a special planned night.

Looking FOrward:

This year we are taking Junior High Students to Snow Camp at Camp Forest Springs, February 18-20. We would love for you to register asap as we need to get our registration numbers to the camp by January 8. You can read more and register here. The cost is $115 per person. However, if money is an issue we want to encourage you to reach out. We have a scholarship fund to help students go to these types of events because we believe that God meets kids at camp and money is not a reason someone should be left behind. Travel details can be found online. Please reach out to Jordan ( if you have any questions.