Parent Newsletter

January 12, 2022

Jr. High & Sr. High 6:30- 8:30 PM Doors open @ 6pm

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Hello Parents, 

Last week we introduced our focus on prayer and challenged students in how they are going to grow in their prayer lives. The purpose was to help us prepare for this week's praise and worship night. It is our hope to continue to challenge and observe students growing in their prayer life week after week. We believe it is a crucial piece to the Christian life that has much to offer. We desire to see parents grow in the same way and want to encourage you to come alongside your students in prayer as a regular habit. Not just at the dinner table or a quick nightly prayer, but a regular time to sit with them one-on-one and as whole family. Not only will they help your family to grow spiritually but it also has the potential to help you grow closer together as a family unit. 

PRayer Week Jan 9-16

It is prayer week and we want to be as active as possible. We have daily posts for students to use to guide their prayer, we have published the weekly devotional that points to praying through the Psalms, and on Wednesday, we will have a prayer and worship night. For this night our theme is “Encountering Jesus as Peter Did.” The idea is not to be “a Peter” in how we live our lives but rather to recognize that Peter had a unique experience where he directly interacted with Jesus. In many of those interactions, Jesus corrected or rebuked what Peter had to say. For our prayer night we will have eight stations that students will rotate through for prayer. Each one uses one of Peter’s interactions with Jesus to help us encounter Jesus. Some of these stations are reflective and others forward looking. Our hope is not only to better teach students how to pray but also to sit before the throne of Christ with them. Please be in prayer that students would be focused and be in a place of reverence as they go from station to station with their small groups. 

Questions for your students: 

1. How can I pray for you this week?

2. Have you made any prayer goals since last week? 

3. What scripture will you memorize this week to help you in prayer? 

a. How is it going?

prayer Week January 9-16

It is prayer week here at Grace and we want to invite you as a family to come and pray together. There are multiple opportunities for corporate prayer and we believe there would be significant value in families participating together. There are three opportunities for your family to participate in this week:

1/13 - Thursday Morning Prayer, 7:00 AM in the church library

1/14 - Friday - Half-Night of Prayer, 6-10:00 PM. Come join us for an hour (or multiple hours) of prayer as we pray through the book of Colossians together. Each hour we will cover one chapter, identifying the key points and areas we would like to pray over for our church and our community. 

1/16 - Sunday Night Concert of Prayer, 6:00-7:00 PM. Come join us in the Church Sanctuary as we pray and sing praises to our king. 

Looking FOrward:

This year we are taking Junior High Students to Snow Camp at Camp Forest Springs, February 18-20. Please call the church office to register as online registration has closed. The cost is $115 per person. However, if money is an issue we want to encourage you to let us know. We have a scholarship fund to help students go to these types of events because we believe that God meets kids at camp and money is not a reason someone should be left behind. Travel details can be found online under our student ministries page. Please reach out to Jordan if you have any questions.