life groups

Life Groups are a place where you can meet new friends, discover your life's purpose, and learn how to live a life that has a lasting impact.  

Life is not meant to be lived alone... join a Life Group!

If you aren't currently part of a group and would like to be, contact Brian Guindon. Don't miss out on this great opportunity to be connected to your Grace Church Family!  It's never too late!

what is a life group?

A Life Group is a group of people who meet weekly in homes to enjoy fellowship and pray together, study the Word, and do “life”. 

What can you expect from a Life Group experience?

1. You can expect the freedom to check out a group - no strings attached. All are welcome to visit a group to see if they would like to get involved.

2. Life Groups are the perfect place to make new friends and build relationships.

3. Take what you are learning and apply it to daily life.

4. Ask questions and explore faith together.

5. Grow closer to God and learn more about the Bible.

To learn more about getting connected with a Life Group, contact Brian Guindon, 235-7572.